IMAC Services (Installs, Moves, Adds & Changes)

Global Smart Hands emerges as the leader of innovation in the domain of IT support in a world where technology is the heartbeat of every successful organization. This international IT support services, based in the United Kingdom, has set out to redefine the way businesses around the world experience IT solutions. With a constant presence on every continent, our solution cover a wide range of services designed to satisfy the dynamic and diverse needs of today's businesses.

IMAC Services

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By working with us, you gain access to one of the world's largest networks of IT engineers. Our engineers can reach your client in 4 hours or less if they are located in a large city.


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The Heart of Efficiency

Global Smart Hands excels in handling IMAC (Install, Move, Add, Change) services, making them the go-to choice for businesses seeking seamless IT solutions. Whether it's data center relocation, hardware installation, or equipment upgrades, their team of experts is well-prepared to provide you with efficient solutions.

Global IT

  • Our dedicated team is here to help with:
  • – Installation of new equipment
  • – The secure and safe movement of equipment – whether that be a full datacenter move or an office relocation
  • – Additions or upgrades to existing infrastructure
  • – Changes to existing networks and rollouts of new equipment
  • – Deployments
  • – Rack and Stack requirements


Installation of New Equipment

When it comes to implementing new technology, Global Smart Hands ensures it's done right, right from the start


Secure Equipment Movement

From relocating entire data centers to office moves, they prioritize the safe and secure transportation of your valuable equipment


Infrastructure Enhancements

Need to improve your existing infrastructure? Their experts are skilled at making additions and upgrades to boost your operations


Network Changes and Deployments

Whether you're making changes to your network or deploying new equipment, Global Smart Hands has you covered

IMAC Service

Their proficiency in rack and stack services ensures efficient equipment setup and organization.

From servers to laptops, they expertly install, configure, and customize hardware devices, integrating them seamlessly into your network.

To ensure that your team maximizes the newly installed technology, they provide training without any additional costs.

Planning and executing IT projects across various countries and locations can be overwhelming. Global Smart Hands simplifies the process by offering end-to-end solutions managed by Prince2 qualified project managers, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free delivery, 24/7, worldwide.

For businesses with multiple locations, they facilitate rollouts of numerous devices, along with OS and software installations, ensuring all systems work together seamlessly.

Relocating with Confidence

When it comes to moving equipment, Global Smart Hands excels at executing safe and efficient relocations with minimal user disruption. Their transport team is well-versed in both large-scale data center moves and local office relocations.

Device Uninstallation and Proper Packaging

They take care of every detail, including uninstalling devices, ensuring proper packaging, and conducting functionality tests.

Logistics Management

Their logistics expertise ensures that equipment is transported securely and efficiently.

Minimum Downtime

Global Smart Hands prioritizes minimizing downtime during the transition, ensuring a smooth move for all staff

Improving Performance and Productivity

Global Smart Hands recognizes the ever-advancing pace of technology and offers services to keep your infrastructure up-to-date:

Enhance system performance by upgrading components such as disk drives, monitors, servers, and storage.

They provide software updates, patches, fixes, and system additions to maximize functionality.

Replacing outdated equipment stabilizes your environment and prevents recurring issues, boosting overall productivity.

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